Adrenaline in laser tag games

Adrenaline in laser tag is no less than in paintball and airsoft. Yes, you have no physical pain factor in laser tag, but that’s a feature, not a bug. In Laser Tag, you can have a long-range combat game, a huge variety of scenarios and missions related to the ability to customize weapons and damage hit points of players, the presence of a huge number of electronic devices such as mines, laser tag grenades, domination points, control pointsmedkits medkits, artifacts, etc. Adrenaline in paintball and airsoft comes from the ability to receive pain from a quarrel between players because of cheaters or the impossibility to determine who hit first.

Adrenaline in laser tag is of  different nature, it comes from the pleasure of the game, and not from the pain and conflict.

Adrenalin from Laser Tag

Furthermore, if after all you think this kind of adrenaline is not what you’re after and still looking for another sort of it in a laser game, we’ve got covered on this. Just recently, Laserwar has launched a brand-new product called precisely Adrenaline. Essentially, it is a laser tag shock bracelet which sends a weak electric shock down your muscles whenever your hit points decrease, be it a hit from enemy player, radiation exposure or any other in-game wound. Be sure, it will touch your feelings. And don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. Much.

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