AR15-LT «Ranger» Special series

AR15-LT Ranger is a unique laser tag gun develop by LaserWar.
AR 15 Ranger laser tag gun for laser tag business
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Electronics Generation
Feedback Type
Optical system


46 oz (1.3 kg)
28.3 in (72 cm)
500-700 ft
Up to 35 hours.
Li+ (3 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

The AR15 Ranger is a newly-designed product in our product line. When developing this new Laser tag assault rifle, as a source of inspiration, we addressed the best examples of US guns such as the AR15, M4A1, and other models having had designed around the same platform.

Like the rest of our models, the AR15 Ranger is made of military-grade plastic that is resistant to external shocks and damages, so we highly recommend this model for demanding rental environment.

laser tagger for commercial use

The model comes with its own sights, created according to our company's product design style and mounted on a standard Picatinny rail. You can remove them at any time and put your sight of choice, for instance, a red-dot. The Picatinny rails are located both on the top and bottom and on the sides of this Laser tag assault rifle. They allow installing any additional tactical attachments, such as laser designators, flashlights, foregrips, and so on. The standard grip is already included in the base version of this Laser tag rifle.

When developing this model we tried our best to make the weapon look as realistic as possible so that both fresh new players for entertainment games and law enforcement professionals could use it to practice their drills, we realized that perform the reload with a charging handle like in the original AR15 model. At the same time, the side button made its return to our other laser tag models but here, it is responsible for changing the fire rates (single, semi-auto, and burst). Thus, we once again tried to minimize the number of moving parts to make the tagger as durable and reliable as possible even when exposed to demanding rent conditions.
That is why the optical system here is also recessed into the case and has no protruding parts, which makes it possible to provide additional external mechanical damage resistance.

AR15 laser tag gun

Like other taggers in our line, this unique series model can be used in almost any weather conditions. It is not afraid of snow, rain, or high humidity. As an additional option to this gun, we offer an OLED display by default, which in this model, is recessed into the body so that it cannot be easily damaged on impact. This OLED display is used to provide the player with info on their current status and the scenarios being played depending on the hardware generation. AR15 can be equipped with two types of integrated optical system; these are a classic Prism with approximately 820 feet (250 meters) shooting range and two Parallax options. The sniper version allows you to shoot as far as 1,300 feet away (400 meters) due to the narrower beam diameter, and the more streamlined Parallax 2.0 features a range of about 1,000 feet and the beam diameter somewhere in the middle between that of the Prism and the sniper Parallax optics. As with most of our taggers, we recommend using the Prism optics for rental equipment and using the Parallax if you are a veteran player and would like to have your own tagger for personal use.

As a power source, this Laser tag assault rifle utilizes a 3000 mAh lithium battery, which allows you to stay in the game for up to 36 hours recharge-free, depending on equipment generation, Wi-Fi connection availability, and the intensity of use. In any case, this battery will last for at least 1 full day of rent games, and the battery itself will work for years to come.

The buttstock of the AR15 rifle has several mounts for attaching an optional sling. Should you decide on using a two-point sling, then the second part can be attached to a sling mount installed on a Picatinny rail on the fore-end of a gun.

m16 laser tag gun
The AR15 may become the perfect laser tag rifle for your rental games because both children and adults can use it.

This model turned out to be so successful and popular that we created a sniper rifle and a light machine gun versions based upon it. 


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