HK-G36-CV «Bundeswehr» original

G36 laser tag gun Laser tag HK-G36-CV gun
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Optical system


6 lb (2.75 kg)
LENGTH (folded /extended buttstock)
34 in/26 in (85,5 cm/67,5 cm) 
600 ft (185 meters)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)


There are two laser tag G36-based guns in our product line, which are copies of assault carbines used by the German army and some other countries. These are the HK G36CV "Bundeswehr", which is in fact the most compact carbine in the G36 family and the HK G36 KV "Kommando", which is a shortened version of the original G36 assault rifle.

From the point of view of a rental laser tag business, the main difference between these models is in bodies, which are used for electronics integration.
The G36 laser tag gun in its CV “Bundeswehr” rendition is made on the basis of a Umarex airsoft gun. The body of this tagger is made of highly durable plastic. Since we integrated electronics to the airsoft body featuring Blowback which is essentially a mechanism that imitates the strong recoil of the bolt during shooting, the charging handle is now used to perform the reload here. The rifle is switched on by turning the key in the special lock.

laser tag G36 gun for tactical games

The optical system, as in our other laser tag assault rifles, has two options: the Prism system with a wider beam and a range of up to 820 feet (250 meters) and a Parallax with a narrower beam, which, depending on the modification, has a range of up to 1300 feet (400 meters).

There are 4 Picatinny rails on the case, so this model is one of the best for personal use in terms of customization. The owner can install optional telescopic and red dot sights on it, integrate an underbarrel grenade launcher or attach various laser sights and foregrips.
Thanks to the folding stock, the gun will fit into most gun cases, as it is only 26.6 in (67.5 cm) long with the stock folded and 37.6 in (95.5 cm) with the stock unfolded.


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