L85A1 «ROYAL» Practical series

laser tag L85A1 gunL85A1 laser tag rifle
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Optical system


7.5 lb (3.4 kg)
35 in (90 cm) 
600 ft (185 meters)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

L85A1 Laser tag rifle (also known as SA80) is one of the most beautiful taggers from a series of realistic bullpups. If you are a true fan of this modern system, then this Brit would be a nice addition to your bullpup arsenal that may consist of our other guns: Belgian FN-F2000, Israeli rifle  Tavor TAR-21 and Austrian gun Steyr AUG-3.
The receiver of this tagger is made of metal, and the pistol grip and long handguard are made of impact-resistant plastic, similar to its real-life counterpart. The stock has a rubber butt-pad, which ensures comfortable use of this tagger during even longer games.


 L85A1 laser tag rifle right reload side


The bullpup design made it possible to move the center of mass of the gun closer to its buttstock and the player’s shoulder, which significantly increases the handling of the laser tag gun when holding your gun at the ready for possible enemies.

The sighting device consists of a front sight mounted on the top of the handguard and a rear sight built into the carry handle mounted on the top of the upper receiver. Both parts of the sighting device can be easily removed and replaced with telescopic or red dot sights.

L85A1 laser tag rifle front look

Since the speaker is installed in the magazine located closer to the player in the bullpup system, the sound emitted is even louder and richer.

The reloading of the tagger is performed with the charging handle which is typical for taggers recommended for personal use to make the gameplay more immersive.


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