AlphaTag vest

Alphatag Laser tag vest
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Alphatag Laser tag vest
Alphatag Laser tag vest
Alphatag Laser tag vest
Alphatag Laser tag vest
2 lb (0.9 kg)
Up to 36 hours.
Li+ (10 Ah; 3.7V)
Li+ charger, Firefly charger (additional option)


Our players can use either a headband or a vest, or both of these devices with hit sensors in each equipment generation. Rental game operators usually use the headband, vests are often used as indoor arena gear and operators focusing on military simulation use both devices simultaneously. This laser tag vest is suitable for all these purposes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, this vest, despite the use of electronics, is the lightest among the vests produced by Laserwar.
What's new in the Alphatag generation laser tag vest?

8 hit sensors.

This Alphatag vest features 8 units with hit sensors, two of which are located at the top closer to the player's shoulders, two on the front near the waist and two on the sides. Two more hit sensors units are located on the player's back. All hit sensors units feature infrared receivers with a 140 degrees angle signal coverage. And this means that even if, for example, the back hit sensors couldn’t detect any signal for some reason, then it will be detected, for example, by the side ones. Thus, there are no zones on this vest that would not register a shot from an enemy player.

Alphatag laser tag vest hit sensors
In addition, each hit sensor unit is equipped with its own LED diodes and standalone vibration motors. When a player is wounded or killed in-game, all LED diodes flash (the color and brightness can be adjusted), and all these flashes are clearly visible even in the bright sun. As for the vibration motors, they significantly help the player when it comes to detecting from which side they were hit, because vibration motors are triggered only on those sensors units which has registered the hit.
If the vest is used in conjunction with the headband, then each laser tag player already has 15 hit sensors on them, which is simply unprecedented in the laser tag industry. Now it is really difficult for the player to hide from the enemy's shot.

Built-in OLED display of its own.

Why would such a seemingly simple device as a laser tag headband or a vest with hit sensors has its own OLED display? The need for such upgrade appeared only in the Alphatag generation, because the hit sensors-bearing pieces in this generation are the masterdevices, that have an option of linking them up to 7 additional devices, say, the player's tagger, and all their additional gear, such as a shock bracelet or a personal medic device.

Alphatag laser tag vest oled display front look
0.98 in sized OLED display used for displaying information about all those devices connected to the headband or laser tag vest, managing them, as well as showing such necessary information to the user as the remaining battery or the availability of Wi-Fi signal, the current game scenario and the status of the player. In addition, the display shows system information such as the firmware version.
This display is located on the front control unit, which is located on the right side, below the player's chest level. This is the most suitable location for most people both in terms of the overall vest weight distribution and the resistance to external damage, since most often the player quickly and strongly presses against walls and other obstacles with their back or the left half of the front of the body, since a tagger is usually located in the right hand (as most people are right-handed).

Bullet-proof option.

In the new Alphatag vest, we have provided another additional option that is not available to those using just the Alphatag headband. Only players who use the vest as the main device can benefit from this option. This parameter is the player's bulletproof armor, which has its own separate strength points setting and absorbs all hits to the vest until its strength points are eliminated. Only after that, hits to the player's body will lead to a decrease in their health points. At the same time, depending on the Alphatag settings, damaged bulletproof armor strength points can or cannot self-repair over time. We highly recommend this laser tag vest for those operators who host scenarios of military simulation or tactical laser tag exactly because of this option.

Alphatag laser tag vest front and back look

Laser tag vest as an independent device

Since the Alphatag vest is the main device with a built-in Wi-Fi module and it can work without guns, this independence allows operator to play out a huge number of scenarios including the so-called NPCs, such as rescuing a hostage, hunting for an fugitive, escorting a VIP, transporting a prisoner attempting to escape on the way, etc – sky is the limit when it comes to the number of possible scenarios.

Separate inner and outer layers.

Alphatag has solved the hygienic issues of vests by making them a two-layers design. The outer layer is made of a very dense fabric that is resistant to abrasion and external damage and covered with MOLLE webbings that allow the player to attach any additional equipment like tactical pouches, hydrators, and so on on their vests...
The inner detachable layer is made on the basis of a breathable Air Mesh fabric consisting of three layers gathered in different directions, which on the one hand, is soft enough, and on the other hand, can absorb the player’s sweat and can be washed, including using automatic washing machine. So the inner layer is used as a hygienic cuff. As for the outer layer, it is enough to wipe it with a moist rag.
The outer layer is available in three colors: Black, MultiCam, Woodland, Pixel Green.
In order for the vest to be worn by people of all builds, it has four adjustment straps that allow the player to quickly adjust it to the size for both adults and children.

Alphatag laser tag vests in four different colors


All electronic modules of the laser tag vest are well-protected from moisture, so the vest can be used in almost any weather conditions, including rain and snow.
The control modules have a built-in Wi-Fi board that provides communication with a standard router at a distance of about 150 feet (50 meters), and a greater range with a more powerful router. In this case, even if the player leaves the Wi-Fi zone, the vest will save game statistics and transfer it to the server as soon as they re-enter the Wi-Fi range.
The vest uses Smart NFC technology developed by Laserwar, which allows the player to link external devices within 2 seconds by simply bringing them close to the vest. This greatly speeds up the connection of taggers and hit sensors, even for a large number of players at the same time.
A very powerful battery is built into the vest, which provides for 36-hour-game even with the Wi-Fi module turned on. The battery capacity is 10 amp hours. Despite the huge battery capacity and a large amount of built-in electronics, this vest is lightweight and can be worn comfortably even during longer scenario games or many-hours-long dynamic tournaments.

This vest can be charged only with Firefly or common Li + charger. Charging with other devices can damage the battery! Complete charge takes 12 hours.


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