Load Bearing Laser tag vest RGB

Load bearing laser tag vest (ALICE type)
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Li+ (2.2 Ah)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

This type of the laser tag vest turned out to be the most popular vest design produced by Laserwar. The secret is in its versatility. It is suitable both for regular laser tag arena and tactical battles or military simulation games. It is effective at the same time as both a vest and as webbed gear. And its main advantage is that two side hit sensors are located on the upper part of the player’s hands, which makes it impossible to hide behind an obstacle with the protruding gun and shoot from around the corner without the risk of being hit back, which, as a rule, causes a lot of controversy in tactical games.

Load bearing laser tag tactical vest (front look)

Functionality of the laser tag vest

The vest consists of two shoulder straps, like most tactical webbed gear, and a belt, which is an equivalent of a warbelt attached at the bottom. The vest features a total of 8 hit sensor units, 4 of which are located on the front straps, 2 on the back and 2 on special straps fastened on the arm between the elbow and shoulder, around one’s arm.

Tactical Laser tag vest for military simulation (back side)

Thus, the hit sensor units provide a full coverage of the player's upper body and do not have “blind” spots, minimizing the likelihood that the player will be able to cover some of their sensors using a laser tag gun. Of course, such a problem usually does not arise when the game unfolds among beginner-level players, but the vest is designed so that even veteran players know how to exploit laser tag peculiarities and gain an unfair advantage, will not be able to cheat this way. This is one of the reasons why this laser tag vest is particularly popular among operators hosting tournaments on a regular basis.

The control module and the battery compartment are found on the back. This arrangement increases the player’s degree of freedom and their options to place additional equipment and pouches in the side. There is a slot for an activation key on the control module.

There are nylon webbings of the MOLLE interface, which has been a standard solution for attaching additional equipment for a while located in the front and and in the back of the vest and on the belt as well. Using them, the user can attach a variety of pouches, for example, grenade pouches, a laser tag knife scabbard, walkie-talkie, pouches for personal medkit or collected artifacts, for a flaskor a hydration pack, for a cell phone, a holster for a laser tag pistol and much more that they can come in handy in long scenarios games or what the player is supposed to have according to their role in the game.

Tactical laser tag vest fasteners (Alice type)

Adjustment to the size of the player’s body is made with straps and fasteners, and adjustment on the hands is made with Velcro fasteners. The fitting interface is designed so that the user can do everything on their own, without the game master’s help.

If you look for something truly versatile, we do recommend you give a try to this laser tag vest model.


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