RGB Zombie Laser tag headband

Zombie games Laser tag headband
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Zombie Laser tag headband

Zombie apocalypses fans and those, who want to host scenarios that use any unarmed characters can use a unique device called "Zombie headband".

Zombie laser tag headband

Now the operator can cosplay World WAR Z, the Walking Dead, Resident Evil and other popular movies saving the world from the invasion of zombies, mutants, Vampires, and other hell spawn. This Zombie apocalypses laser tag device from LASERWAR opens up endless potential for atmospheric and terrific quests.



How Laser tag Zombie set works

In its design and software settings, the Zombie laser tag game set is similar to another popular product in the LASERWAR product line, the Hostage set. It has bright LEDs, multi-zone hit sensors, vibration and a background light - all of that player has in Hostage set or simple RGB headbands, too.

The game manager can adjust the following monster parameters

  • the number of monster health hit points
  • the time the monster is invulnerable after being hit
  • health regeneration time in seconds
  • autorespawn interval in seconds

All these parameters can be set using our laser tag configurator software.

"Zombie" headbands do not require being linked to a tagger, because it’s obvious that zombie doesn’t need a gun. Wide-angle infrared emitters are built into 4 hit sensor units located on the headset. Emitters send damage commands every 2-3 seconds and the damage effect distance is about 15 feet (5 meters). Zombie damage factor inflicted by the zombie is equal to the damage that zombie themselves got the last time. Therefore, if a zombie is hit with a 25- points dealing gun, it begins emitting 25 damage points command. Zombie headbands always glow green. Their damage statistics can be found in player score as a green team.

Design and usability

Due to additional electronics, Zombie laser tag headband weighs a little more than the classic RGB laser tag headset. Its weight is only 8 oz (220 grams), so it will be quite comfortable even during long games for both players and play assistants.

In all other respects, it retains all the same advantages as our regular RGB headbands.

For example, like a regular headband, this zombie device features two layers. The outer layer that has a control unit, the battery compartment and the 4 units with hit sensors and infrared emitters, consists of a dense fabric that is resistant to abrasion. The inner layer is a classic hygienic cuff, or sweatband, and is made of a three-layer hypoallergenic AirMesh fabric, which provides both dampening the weight of the headband on the head and absorbing excess moisture, and an outer part that does not allow moisture to pass to the outer layer where the electronics are installed.

Zombie Apocalypses Laser Tag

It has independent vibration motors installed in each hit sensor and emitter case, so the zombie player can understand where they are being shot from. The electronics of the headband are distributed weight-wise by dividing into two blocks, one of which contains the control board, and the other feature a powerful battery that is enough for about 36 hours of operation. The hit sensor cases are made of polycarbonate resistant to mechanical damage, so equipment owner should not be afraid if the headband flies from the head even to the concrete floor, or even if it is stepped on. All control boards inside the main unit are coated with special compounds that prevent moisture ingress, so it can be safely played in light rain and snow.

The device can be activated using any remote control device (smart remte pro, universal remote, smart remote nano) or any respawn device.

Laser tag business owners will appreciate the variety of scenarios that will be available with this new device. So, it will allow running new already familiar scenarios like “Assault”, when several domination points are defended by Zombies. Alternatively, the operator can use our Doomsday box, or full Pandora set defended by zombies with the mission of carrying a flask with biologically active substance to activator, finding Artifacts and so on.

Just add atmospheric make-up and good scenario and your customers will get a powerful adrenaline rush!


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