Smart RGB Headband for 2 taggers

Laser tag headband for Akimbo shooting
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Li+ (1.8 Ah)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA (purchased separately)

 These are regular Smart-RGB headbands with two Bluetooth modules and special firmware that supports double Bluetooth.

2-set headbands are used in 9th and 10th generation equipment for the following purposes:

  • Simultaneous using two taggers by the player, for example, a sniper rifle and a pistol, or two submachine pistols for akimbo-way gun wielding.
  • For simultaneous connection of a one gun to two hit-sensor devices: a headband and a vest.

 laser tag headband for akimbo shooting

The external differences of the headband from the common one include only two LED diodes showing the status of the headset.

Laser tag headset for 2 guns


Otherwise, it has retained all the advantages of the conventional RGB headbands: multizonality, anti-cheat feature and background glowing feature, replaceable hygienic cuffs, proper weight distribution on the head, size adjustment for convenience of the user, etc.

Laser tag headset for two taggers


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