POSP 4x24T

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The POSP 4x24T telescopic sight is a Russian-made optical sight primarily designed for use with the AK, SVD, SVK, and VSS family rifles that have a "Dovetail" mount. It features a 4x magnification and a 24mm objective lens, providing a clear and bright image of the target.

The sight is built to be rugged and durable, with a metal body and a rubber eyepiece. It is also waterproof, shockproof,  sand and dust resistant, making it suitable for use in a variety of weather conditions and environments.

POSP 4x24T Telescopic sight for AK

The reticle of the POSP 4x24T is illuminated with a red dot, making it easy to acquire targets in low-light conditions. The sight also features a range finder, which allows the user to estimate the range to the target and adjust their aim accordingly.

One unique feature of the POSP 4x24T is the inclusion of a built-in side mount, which allows the sight to be easily attached to the side of an AK rifle without the need for additional hardware. This makes it a popular choice among AK enthusiasts and military personnel.

Overall, the POSP 4x24T is a reliable and effective telescopic sight for use with the AK family of rifles. Its rugged construction, illuminated reticle, and built-in side mount make it a popular choice for both civilian and military use.

We sell this POSP 4x24T telescopic sight only with a laser tag game set. 


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