AK25-LT «Predator+» PRO Special series

AK25-LT Predator is a modern Tagger developed by LaserWar
AK25-LT Predator Laser tag gun
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Electronics Generation
Feedback Type


35 oz (1 kg)
27.6 in (70 cm)
260-500 ft
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2,2 Ah; 7,4V)
+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

 Millions of players can confirm it: every tagger from LASERWAR is a true legend. We have taken the years of experience from the AK-12LT PRO, popular among fighters, improved upon it, and incorporated all the best into the new model – the AK-25 assault rifle.

The updated "Predator" will truly be a reliable companion for the player. Its ultra-durable body and advanced internal technologies make it virtually indestructible. It's not afraid of snow, rain, or even being dropped from a height of 130 ft (40 meters) or being run over by an eight-ton truck. We've tested it all personally.

The AK-25 Predator owes its appearance to the many years of experience of millions of players worldwide with its predecessor, the AK-12, which saw the light of day back in 2014. It was the first true flagship of the LASERWAR, fully designed to meet the needs of the rental laser tag as a business. While manufacturers either used to integrate electronics into off-the-shelf solutions (such as bulky or airsoft cases) or created their own projects, LASERWAR proved that the convenience, repairability, and price/performance ratio of uniquely designed cases specifically for rental laser tag were an order of magnitude higher.

AK25 lasertag gun from the left side

AK25 lasertag gun right side
The AK-25 features unique sound effects. Every action, from being wounded to capturing a flag or receiving a dose of radiation, is accompanied by high-quality sound effects, of which there are over 20 in the tagger. The use of a special acoustic cavity inside the tagger allows for maximum loudness and clarity of sound, while the speaker provides rich and clear audio.
As before, the tagger is waterproof and resistant to dirt, so your players can easily play even in the harshest weather conditions (except diving, lol).

AK25 waterproof lasertag gun

All your players, especially kids, will love the lightweight and ergonomic design of the AK-25. It's easy to hold and comfortable to run and jump with, not only for children but for adults as well. For those who want more weight realism, we offer an optional set of weights that can be built into the body.
The prism optics built into the body of this tagger can impress players at a distance of 2,300 feet (700 meters) in perfect weather conditions (see videos to confirm this), and in bright sunlight, this distance will be approxamately 1,000 ft (300 meters).

AK25 internal prizm optics system

Our engineers and designers have done tremendous amount of work to significantly modernize the tagger, bringing it closer to a real combat prototype in terms of external design. We have added two special innovations, previously available as options for other models, that will make your customers’ gameplay more exciting and safer.
The first improvement we introduced in the new model is a rubber bumper.

AK25 lasertag gun with orange bumper

AK25 lasertag ragger with a blue bumper

AK25 lasertag weapon with a red bumper

It eliminates the possibility of injury during active skirmishes, and provides reliable protection against shocks and cushioning collisions, ensuring comfort and safety for each player.
The second improvement we made to the AK-25 is a metal charging handle, which increases its strength and reliability.

AK25 lasertag gun charging handle

Now the rifle looks much cooler and more realistic. Both the charging handle and the trigger operate on Hall effect sensors, providing virtually unlimited resources for the only moving parts of the tagger.

These two innovations in the new model of the AK-25 Predator represent breakthrough technologies specifically designed to provide your players with unique moments during the game.
For the youngest players, however, we've left the option of reloading the laser tag weapon by simply pressing a button. The button is designed according to the IP67 protection standard (IEC 60529/ DIN40050) and is well protected from moisture and dust. It won’t jam and fires precisely when pressed. The player can decide which of the two reloading methods to use, and the operator can order a free option to switch the firing mode when pressing the button (single, 3 shots, burst).


The rear sight and front sight of the new AK-25 have a removable mount on the upper Picatinny rail, allowing for easy replacement with any collimator or optical sight, which can be purchased from us or used by you.

AK25 lasertag tagger front and rear sights

The mechanical sights are made of durable gun-grade plastic. Made of such material, the sight will not become the weak point of your rifle.

As for reliability, it's the same as with the AK12, and we are confident in the quality because we control all the processes of development, production, and assembly ourselves.
For the crash test, we dropped the new tagger from the height of a 5-storey building and the reloading mechanism was only slightly jammed. Even after falling from the 10th floor, the body did not suffer any critical damage.


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