1. Differences between generations

Detailed description of all generations can be found here

We have several types of integrated electronics. We call these types generations.

Right now we are producing
- 9th generation,
- 10th generation that is called X-gen and
- 11th generation that is called Alphatag. 

All generations have scoring. We do not charge for our software. If you owe our equipment you can use our software for free.

9th Generation 

The 9th generation has below-described characteristics: 

- either RGB smart headband or RGB vest support
- you can set background glow color for teams
 - you can set background glow color for special characters like Zombies, Last Hero, Terminator.  
- multizone hit sensors. Only the sensor which gets a hit start vibrate. So, the player can identify the side he was hit from. 
- Antiricochet system 
- Possibility to change IR power with 10% increments.
 - Full support of gun’s hit sensors that can deactivate guns for several seconds. 
- the game manager can make up to 64 game characters (game presets) and activate them by one command during the game.   
- recoil imitation with Vibro motor  
- OLED display
- more than 30 player's parameters can be set 

 In the 9th generation, the manager can get scoring only after the game. All guns can be connected to one PC simultaneously via Bluetooth and the manager can collect statistics and show it to players. But it takes about 3-5 minutes to get scoring because you have to switch off all the guns and switch them on without headbands to connect to the PC. 

We recommend 9th generation for mobile laser tag operators, for playing in the woods, and for cases when establishing a wifi network is not possible. 


10th generation can work via wifi network (no need for internet connection). All guns are connected to one wifi network via a wifi router. The manager has full control from his PC over equipment connected to this network. All equipment can also work without wifi as standalone guns and devices. 

Distinctive features: 

- RGB smart headband with RGB vest support
- Online scoring (live statistic), that can be displayed on a large screen and saved after each game.
- The manager can active, deactivate change players' parameters during the game, control the battery status of each gun and headband
- The player's distribution between teams is made by simple drag and drop
- Starting and stopping rounds, selecting build-in scenarios is made from cental PC.  
- All players can be connected to Laserwar online server for the operator, local, and country leaderboard. 

We recommend X-generation for indoor arenas and operators who need live leaderboards. 


Alpha Tag is the newest generation that we started selling in 2021. 

Distinctive features: 

- All guns can work the same way as in the 10th generation (via wifi or standalone).
- headband or vest work as a master device and can hold up to 7 additional connected devices (additional guns, vests, personal medkits, mobile phone, and so on).
- uses smart NFC technology and any gun can be taken from the ground and connected to a headband in seconds (perfect for PUBG or Hunger game scenarios). 
- works 30% longer without battery recharging 

We recommend AlphaTag both for indoor and outdoor games. 

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