3. Types of scoring

We have two types of scoring, online and offline.

In offline scoring that is used in 9th generation statistics can be downloaded only after the game. But you have to switch off all the guns and headbands and then switch all the guns again to connect them simultaneously to one PC, laptop, or Android device by Bluetooth, read statistics, and then switch all guns with headbands one by one. So it will take some time. About 3-5 minutes after each game.

In online scoring that is used in the 10th generation (X-gen) and newest Alphatag generation, all guns are connected to one wifi network via one router. 

A game manager can active, deactivate players,  change players' parameters start and stop rounds, control players' statuses and battery conditions, select and edit gaming scenarios, and so on.  Players' distribution between teams is made by simple drag and drop.

Note that you don't need the internet, just a Wi-Fi hotspot that makes a local network.

10th generation and Alphatag generation can also be used without Wi-Fi like 9th generation, but you can get scoring in this case. The battery in Alphatag works 30% longer than in previous generations. 

If you plan to use it as mobile equipment or play in the woods, I recommend using the 9th generation or Alphatag.
If you have an arena and your clients are kids, then the 10th generation or Alphatag will be more suitable.  

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