What is needed for laser tag business operator?

1. Find locations for different game types. It can be post-apocalyptic open locations for experienced players and safe indoor location for children. It is not necessary but very desirable that your location has the opportunity to provide a festive table, where players can relax because games are often ordered for birthdays or corporate parties.

2. Sets of Laser Taggers for different players and some additional Laser Tag Devices (first of all 2 Digital Flags, 2 Respawn Devices, 1 Smart remote pro and laptop or some android tablet depending on equipment generation)

3. Website optimized for regional keywords and advertising campaign in Google AdWords.

4. A social network laser tag group for communicating with regular players and advertising.

5. Set of outerwear equal to a number of Taggers. Usually, it is inexpensive camouflage kits, designed to ensure that your customers can come in their regular comfortable clothes and dress in your camouflage as a working suit over their main clothes.

6. Club branded items: business cards, flyers, badges, flags.

7. You'll need a semi-professional camera. For every game, you need to make photos and take video in some games as a bonus to your players. The photos are then sent the players and can then be placed on the club's social network page. You should make a little watermark at the bottom of the photo with your website address and club phone number. Typically, such photos are one of the main reasons for client come-backs.