Range of fire in Laser Tag

Laser Tag Range of fire

A sufficiently large range of fire in laser tag games (up to 1,600 feet or 500 meters)  makes the game resemble real battle action and its distances more closely than both paintball and airsoft. Some types of Laser tag guns, which have special tubes and lenses (such as sniper or machine-gun type taggers) offer even longer range.



Therefore, battles unfolding overa distance of 400+600 feet with no obstacles in sight are common. For comparison, the paintball average range of fire is about 100 feet. At longer distances, the path of the pellet is too unpredictable and it will likely  not break upon impact rendering the hit useless.



Airsoft suffers from the same problems: the pellet usually flies no farther 200 feet. Overtuned guns that can outshoot this distance are dangerous and therefore forbidden in many locations. The effective range is usually about 150 feet, and in rental airsoft guns which fire inaccurately, this value is declined even further.

In paintball and airsoft, the range of fire is highly influenced by the weather: rain and wind reduce the accuracy of the shot and frost reduces the power of the shot by lowering the battery capacity in airsoft and gas bag pressure in paintball.

There is sufficiently little firing range in laser tag games. Yes, it's not a mistake. In paintball and airsoft, you cannot hit the enemy at short distances, because it will hurt them, and possibly cause injury. Therefore, a small distance in these sports games is just as much a problem as large distance. The laser tag feature safe electronic weapon devices for short distances - minesgrenadesbombs, artifacts, and for extremely small distances, there is a laser tag knife.