Razor Laser tag Knife

Laser Tag Knife
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Our product line has always had such unique products for tactical laser tag as a knife, grenade, bomb, claymore mine, etc., but our knife was the only product of its kind in the laser tag industry. Its only drawback, which was really justified by its affordable price, was the impossibility of transmitting the ID of the knife owner when using it in the game statistics of the X-generation and Alphatag.

That is why the main task when creating a new knife was the requirement of taking into account the player actions in the game statistics, that is, the statistics will still count the player who have ‘killed’ another player with this device. We managed to keep the price and size of the device relatively low.

Now the player can assign their own ID and their own color of the knife in such a way that all actions with this knife will pop up in the game score of both the player and their respective team.

How it works

As in the previous version of the laser tag knife, the infrared emitter is located at the end of the handle, which ensures safety when using the knife. To use the knife, the player has to just point the handle of the knife at an enemy player's kill sensors (headband or vest) at a distance of about 2 feet and press the button. No pierces, thrusts, cutting moves or anything. As simple as that.


Laser tag knife

 Laser tag knife features

We made this new knife based on another training knife that has a larger handle and can accommodate a larger board that can be firmwared with infrared commands.

The new knife has the following new features:

  • Setting the ID and color of the player to affect the statistics
  • Built-in lithium battery,

Charging Razor Laser Tag knife

  • Charging the knife from any USB output, so the player can charge it from a power bank, car, or almost any charger with a USB output. The battery life is enough for a several-days use.
  • Magnetic charging port located on the knife handle makes charging much more convenient and protects the device from high humidity. At the same time, the charge indication diode shows the current status (red - charging is in progress, green - the knife is charged).

Razor Laser Tag knife handle


The weight of the new knife is 3.5 ounces or about 100 grams

Setting up the device:

To set up the knife, press and hold the button on the handle for 15 seconds, this will put the knife into teaching mode. After that, the Knife will ‘remember’ the player’s color and ID and will automatically enter the standby mode. The damage of the knife by default is 100 points and cannot be changed.


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