You are not required to buy your gear

Rented paintball markers and airsoft guns in most cases feature rather poor quality. In these kinds of sports games, accuracy of fire is greatly affected by equipment deterioration in quality, especially deterioration of its moving parts. As for the clothes, which are in contact with the body, you'll definitely need to have your own clothes. So, if you play paintball or airsoft, then you definitely need to have a mask or special-purpose goggles and your own markers or guns, because rented equipment is usually worn to the degree it’s hard to handily use it. It doesn't seem to matter if you play with rented guns or have your own gun, but when you meet one on one with an experienced player, and then the precision of the rented marker will be much less than the accuracy of your own marker and it usually becomes a difference maker.

Your own Tagger  in tactical laser tag is nice to have but not essential. A laser tagger doesn't shoot pellets, so it has far fewer moving parts than a paintball marker or airsoft AEG, so this has no effect on the range and accuracy. That's why it's less likely that you'll 100% need your own laser tag gear, as laser tag equipment has less reliance on maintenance and overall quality and therefore the quality of gameplay with it regardless of whether it is a leased tagger or your own.

However, if you are the owner of a laser tag business, it is desirable to encourage your players to purchase and own their personal taggers by providing a large discounts such as 80% to participate in a game where the other players are armed with the equipment for rent (operator’s own arsenal). Having their own tagger provides customer (players) loyalty.