Game vividness

Vividness in paintball is rather low. Paintball markers are unlike military weapons, and aiming with a marker is extremely difficult, and the pellet flies crooked and the whole fire range is only 100 feet. Shooting high is practically impossible. The pellet bounces off of shrubs, wands, etc. Hitting enemies with mines and grenades is almost impossible to fix because traces of paint remain blind. Airsoft realism is much higher, but the need to suffer from pain can outweigh all such advantages. In addition, the range of fire in airsoft rarely exceeds 250 feet, so imitation of a sniper or machine-gun fire is almost impossible. Imitation of wounding also is not possible for most renditions of the sports game. In most scenarios, an airsoft player can either be “alive” or “dead”. Playing in high buildings or shooting from the ground to the 4th floor is not possible because the pellet trajectory is too curved. Using grenades in confined spaces is also ineffective because it is impossible to prove that the pellets from the grenade hit someone unless you come into the room and see the moment of the explosion with your own eyes.

In Laser Tag, you can use real deactivated firearms rebuilt into Taggers that shoot more than 1,000 feet, no players can cheat, and they have access to a variety of weapon types: pistolsmachine gunsassault riflessniper rifles, you name it. You can throw grenades, place mines and all those devices guarantee a confirmed electronic kill of your enemies. You can make special settings for damage output, wounding chance, range of fire, reload time, number of clips, etc. You can also set a different rate of fire for different types of weapons, even for a bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper rifles. You can utilize red dot and telescopic sights, night vision goggles, camouflage, and much more.

Range of fire in laser tag allows you to play in large areasassault multi-storied buildings, support allies advance from the rooftops, make long flanking attacks, play at night and so on.
Almost all these things are not available in rental Paintball and Airsoft.

You almost do not need to depend on weather and wind speed, in contrast to airsoft, where it affects the trajectory of the pellet flight. Infrared ray used in laser tag is always a straight line and in short distances, it is much closer to reality than the paintball and airsoft pellet trajectory.