Various game scenarios in Laser Tag

In paintball and airsoft, your scenarios options as well as their variety are very limited . In most rental paintball and airsoft versions, the player can be only qualified as either “dead” or “alive”.

You can certainly try to consider getting hits into the different parts of the body as different  damage dealers, but it is hard to identify and it is impossible for it to follow. Thus, it is practically impossible to implement. Also in this type of sports, you can't rate damage, depending on the type of weapon, which the player was hit with. You have little to zero chances of  using additional devices such as mines, knives, artifacts, vehicles because you can't customize their damage output. In fact, the only possible scenario, in this case, is deathmatch with a number of options.

Game scenarios in laser tag

On the contrary, in laser tag, everything is customizable and programmable. You can set the players’ hit points, depending on the types of the laser tag gun used, the role, the availability of personal protective equipment (body armor, helmets) etc. You can set the weapon damage depending on the type, size, weight and other factors. You can also adjust the shock and invulnerability duration parameters. Shock time is a period for how long after being wounded the player can't shoot back (it is usually set at 0,5-1 second). Invulnerability time is a period for how long after being wounded the player can't be hit again (it is also usually set at 0,5-1 second). You can also adjust such parameters as the rate of fire, the number of spare magazines, reload speed, ‘friendly fire’, and many other laser tag gun settings. You can use knives, grenades, minesrespawn devices and medkits for restoring hit points, artifacts for increasing or decreasing hit points at a certain distance, anomalies, domination points that determine who is holding the territory or some object, Digital Flagsbombs with a countdown and much more. Just imagine the number of various scenarios you can create with such a vast variety of settings and devices!

Battery capacity of a Laser tag gun allows you to play for 24 hours. In airsoft, you can play for a few hours, in paintball – less than 2 hours.

It is hard, if not impossible, to organize a night scenario in rental paintball and airsoft, but for laser tag, evening or night games in the evening or at night are a usual thing.

Embedded laser tag scenarios can be found here