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Command Post DeviceCommand Post Device
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14.3 lb (6.5 kg)
11x11x15 in (27x27x38.5 cm)
up to 24 hr 
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)


To call the Command post an additional device is probably a bit of an overshot, since it is rather a fundamental or basic device.

First, in most scenarios, it is placed in the Headquarters (HQ’s) of the opposing parties. Secondly, it can be used to carry other minor devices inside it. Thirdly, it can act as a replacement for as many as three different devices: a classic control point, a basic medkit, and a universal point.

All electronics are placed in the cover, and the box itself is designed to carry small additional laser tag equipment. We do not recommend lifting it by the handles located on the cover, as they are mainly made to serve as a protection for the main button. To carry the device, we recommend using the side handles.

Command post opened

The command post features three embedded laser tag scenarios:

  • Basic first aid kit
  • Capture the HQ
  • Confrontation

Immediately when you turn on the device, it will ask you to select a game scenario. If the operator waits for 3 seconds, then the command post will automatically run the last played scenario. If within 3 seconds operator presses the red button located in the device’s top cover, then the command post will scroll through the available scenarios ("Basic MedKit", "Capture the base"  "Confrontation") in a loop. In order to select a certain scenario, it is enough to stop pressing the button and wait for about 3 seconds. After that, if the Capture-the-HQ scenario is selected, the device prompts operator to select the duration of the game round.


Basic Medkit scenario

In this scenario, the device works in the Respawn device mode and is activated either by pressing a button, or in the loop mode (to switch to the loop mode, press and hold the red button) and can issue several commands, that can be set in the Laser Tag configurator PC application

  • new game
  • revival
  • new game delay start

This scenario will require several command posts, one for each team. In this case, you must select the appropriate color in the laser tag configurator software.

In order to switch the command post to the automatic respawning mode, you must press and hold the red button till a confirmation signal sounds. The range of the respawn signal is approximately 5 ft (1.5 meters) away from the device.

Confrontation scenario

In this scenario, the command post acts as the team's HQ. It revives the players and replenishes the ammunition of the players of its team only. The enemy team's HQ in this scenario can be destroyed by shooting at its infrared sensors.

If the team's HQ is destroyed, the diodes on the command post will turn white and the base will go into self-restoration mode, during which it cannot emit signals and revive its defenders anymore.

For this scenario, the game master can configure the following parameters in the laser tag configurator software:

  • the number of shots required to destroy the HQ
  • HQ restoration speed
  • command issued by the HQ

Check Point scenario

The round time for this scenario can be chosen by pressing the red button, and the rest of the settings are available through the laser tag configurator software.

To set the duration of the round, you need to turn on the device, then use the red button to scroll to the Capture-the-HQ scenario, then wait for three seconds to select the scenario, and then scroll through the time values ​​by pressing the same button. In this case, the device will flicker showing the current round time.

Round time (min)   








Number of flickers   








In this scenario, the command post is used as a control point fought over by two or more opposing teams and is usually set in the middle of the game site; however, the way it is captured and set up is different from the classic scenario. As in the case with the control point, when captured, the control point lights up in the color of the team and emits a sound signal.

  • The control point is captured not with a single shot, but with a burst necessary to destroy its integrity points. If the device is not completely captured and the process gets interrupted, then the command post gradually restores its strength ponts. The number of integrity points and speed of restoration can be configured with the help of the laser tag configurator.
  • since the hit sensors are located on the sides of the device, it is not necessary to capture it with a shot from above, like classic control point devices. Capture can be done from a distance of up to 3 meters away from it.
  • in addition, the command post emits ‘harmful’ radiation, so it is more difficult to guard it, being too close to it.

The winner is the team that has managed to hold the command post longer than the others. The command post, having determined the winner, starts flickering with their color. In this case, the round time is not taken from the moment of the first capture, but from the moment the device gets activated.

With the help of the laser tag configurator software, the operator can configure many scenario parameters, including:

  • restoration interval
  • radiation emission
  • number of strength points

This device is so popular that we have been producing it from 2013 to the present day. It has already undergone many modifications of electronics and has taken its place in the laser tag industry.

Like the rest of our 9th gen devices, this kit can be configured using a USB base or a Smart Remote Pro operating in the USB base mode when connected to a 9th generation Laser Tag Configurator


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