Domination Point

Laser Tag Domination Point (Control point or check point)
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Li+ (2.4 Ah; 7,4V)
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This new fifth generation of laser tag Domination point (that is also called Control point or Checkpoint in some laser tag systems) - is the main device in the most exciting laser tag scenarios (Domination, Assault, Bases). 



The new Domination point has a loud sound (powerful piezo buzzer) and has the ability to display its capture by 4 teams according to the MILES2 protocol. 
It also has RGB tape that lights brighter, and so it better displays the point's capture by teams according to the colors (red, blue, yellow, green). The fifth generation domination point also interacts with laser tag guns. Guns sound while capturing "Point captured." 
Now, the laser tag Domination point has a new convenient way of changing operating time. It is made via the button on the point's body.

How to set the domination point.

Domination point possession time can be set in the range of from 2 to 30 minutes (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 30).

  1. To set the possession time, you need to hold the admin button while point activating.
  2. You will hear a beep and then you can set the time by clicking on Admin button. Each press changes the possession time.

Domination point possession time (holding time) is a fixed period of time during which the point is held captured by one of the opposition teams. In most scenarios, the winner is the team that first holds the point for some preset period of time.

The color of the RGB tape will vary depending on the selected time mode. Flashing colors of the tape correspond to the following values:

Red - 2 min
Yellow - 4 min
Green - 6 min
Light Blue - 8 min
Blue - 10 min
Purple - 20 min
White - 30 min

The default Round lasts 4 minutes and corresponds the yellow color of the tape.

3. To save your selection, press and hold the admin button for a few seconds; the point will remember the selected parameter.

Laser Tag Domination point (Check point or control point)

Domination point time calculation algorithm is the following. 

For example, if the selected preset time is 6 minutes round, and the point was aggregately held by one team for 6 minutes and 1 second, then this team is the winner and the point will flash with the color of this team. As a result, the total playing time for two teams can be up to 12 minutes. The point can be recaptured a lot of times, and the capture time is added to the corresponding team as it is made in the chess clock. The chance of a draw is extremely small.

One of the major last improvements in the Domination point design is pulse blinking in standby mode before the first capturing shot. It helps to reduce power consumption several times because the point remains visible on the battlefield, but the battery life is increased almost 2 times.

The Domination point today is one of the most popular devices for laser tag games.


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