Laser tag checkpoint

Laser Tag Domination Point (Control point or check point)
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53 oz (1.5 kg)
22.8 in. (58 cm)
24 Hours 
Li+ (2.4 Ah; 7,4V)
Li+ (8,4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)

See additional description of Domination point devices.


This ordinary Laser Tag Checkpoint, along with ordinary Medkits, have been the most popular budget add-on devices since the start of their production in 2012. The reason for their popularity is that they allow operator to play 3 of the most popular scenarios in laser tag: the classic domination, assault, and Headquarters scenarios.


The device is basically a tube, at the upper end of which there is a circle of LED strip, a built-in hit sensor that registers shots only from above at close range. On the side of the tube, there is a power button and an additional admin button.

Laser Tag Domination point (Check point or control point)

The checkpoint point is covered with camouflage fabric, so its appearance is perfect for any tactical laser tag games.

The LED diodes around the cover light up with the color of the team that has captured and is holding it, at the moment and the device notifies of the recapture by another team with a sufficiently loud sound that can be heard at a failry great distance.


The main function of any laser tag checkpoint device is always keeping track of the cumulative hold time of each particular team. Initially, the control point lights up in a neutral white color. If a player from any team runs up and shoots at it from above, the point lights up with the color of that player's team, and starts counting the time the point is being held by that player's team. If a player from another team runs up and recaptures the checkpoint, that is, shoots it from above, it changes color and lights up with the color of their respective team. It also interrupts the calculation of the hold time of the former team, and begins counting the hold time of the latter team.

If the player of the former team captures the checkpoint back, then it will continue to count the former team holding time from the moment at which it was originally interrupted. Thus, this device adds up the time of holding the checkpoint by each specific team, and determines the winner when one of the teams emerges the first one to hold it for a certain time, predefined in the settings. For example, the team that is the first to hold the point for 10 minutes in total, wins.


The point can be set up right in the game location. To enter the configuration mode, you should turn the device on while holding the special admin button. After that, you can change the round time of the device by pressing the admin button again. At the same time, the LEDs on the top panel will change color to show the currently set round time.

In order to save the set time, you must press and hold the admin button for 4 seconds.

Scenarios that can be played with this device:


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