LASERWAR announces MP9-LT Phoenix laser tag gun

After several years of development, LASERWAR announces a new gaming set design by the company. The new set is called AK 12 LT Predator and is made for players of all ages and especially children. It is perfectly balanced and is not weighed down by the front and weighs only 28 oz (780 grams).
The length of the "Phoenix" is 15.5 inches (39.5 cm), and a height including the sights is 9 inches (23 cm).
The new laser tag gun has several great advantages. First of all, it is light, compact, durable and imitates a real gun as it is made in AK 12 LT Predator.
Phoenix is a laser tag gun made on the basis of the MP-7 and MP-9 combat pistol carbines. It has gunstock and a special pistol grip that was designed in cooperation with Russian SWAT. This tagger like AK12 LT Predator can be optionally equipped with OLED-display that is recessed into the gun's body and feedback (simulated recoil) function. The n ew tagger also has a false barrel, so it looks like a real gun and several Picatinny rails for installing additional devices: collimator sights, grips, tactical lights, etc. Side Picatinny rails are removable.
The optimal firing range of "Phoenix" is 1000 feet (300 meters)

The new laser tag gun is already in our online store.