M4 Cobra

M4 Cobra laser tag rifle
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Optical system
Feedback Type
4.85 lb (2.2 kg)
LENGTH (folded /extended buttstock)
28.4/32.3 in (72/82 cm)
610 ft (185 m)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (2.2 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)


Colt M4 is one of the most popular assault rifles/carbines in the world. Initially, it was intended to arm artillery units, infantry support vehicles and tank crews, and so on but ended up being used by the special operations forces due to its compactness. The reason for this popularity was the lightweight and mobility of the model, which turned out to be much greater than that of its progenitor, the M16A2 assault rifle by reducing the size of the barrel and using a specially designed class of folding buttstocks. At the same time, all these innovations had no decreasing impact in the rifle’s combat performance.

This tagger is not an exact copy of any real front-line weapon which is adopted by any army. It was rather created on the basis of airsoft M4 rendition retrofitted with some commercially available customization kits.

Laser Tag M4 cobra rifle back look

The handguard of this M4 laser tag gun has a Picatinny rail along its entire length, which continues with the same top rail located on the upper receiver. This allows the player to use lots of different tactical devices both separately and one after another.

M4 laser tag rifle handguard with long RIS

At the same time, by default, the gun comes with a folding diopter rear sight and a front sight.

M4 lasert tag rifle rear sight

The laser tag electronics are integrated into the M4 airsoft body made of aluminum alloy and impact-resistant plastic, so we recommend this laser tag gun exclusively for personal use of experienced players.

Another huge advantage of this M4 laser tag gun is its unique Crane Stock buttstock made by G&G Armament, which deserves a special attention.
The stock folding mechanism has five positions that change the overall length of the tagger from 28.3 to 32.3 (72 to 82 cm). The stock has a rubberized butt-pad that gently adheres to the shoulder and allows the player to shoot on the move.

M4 laser tag rifle collapsible buttstock

The lower part of the buttstock has a special latch that can be folded down, and open special cavity in which the player can carry things needed in a long laser tag battle, such as a small flashlight or a set of batteries. At the base of the buttstock, on the tube connecting the buttstock and the receiver, there is a large sling swivel designed for attaching a single-point belt both on the right and on the left side.

M4 laser tag gun buttstock features

This tagger is just one of those success stories where we were able to install assault laser tag optics inside the KeyMod handguard, which gave this tagger a much more realistic and authentic look.

M4 laser tag rifle internal optical system

We can install both versions of optical systems developed by our company to the tagger. With Prism optics, this M4 laser tag gun will shoot up to 820 feet with sure shot range of up to 600 feet (approximately 250 and 200 meters, respectively). Should the client wants to install the optional Parallax laser tag optics, then the range will climb up to 1000 feet (about 300 meters), but the beam will be narrower, so we would recommend this type of optics exclusively for experienced players.
The tagger is turned on by setting the fire selector located on the left side of the receiver above the pistol grip to full auto . In the pistol grip, there is a charging socket, which is protected against moisture with a rubber plug. The shape of the grip is made specifically for the most firm hold, so the tagger can be wielded with one hand, even if the player just holds it by the grip.

M4  laser tag tagger

The gun is reloaded by pulling the charging handle.
The tagger is equipped with a fairly powerful battery with a capacity of 2.2 Ah, which provides up to 36 hours of operation, depending on the integrated and used options, and above all, online scoring and feedback in the form of a vibration motor, which is usually installed in the pistol grip.


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