AK/M-series underbarrel grenade launcher

AK series and M203 laser tag underbarrel grenade launchers
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Underbarrel grenade launchers (UBGLs) are attachments that can be mounted under the barrel of rifles such as the AK and AR platforms. They allow the operator to fire grenades at targets when the main caliber damage is not enough.

Short UBGLs are typically designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver in close quarters combat.

Some popular examples of short UBGLs for the AK series are the GP-25 and GP-30, which are both Russian-made and designed for use with the AK-47 and its variants.

AK laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher

For the M-series, there are a few different options for short UBGLs. One popular example is the M203, which is a 40mm grenade launcher that can be mounted on several AR-based rifles, including the M4 and M16.

M203 laser tag underbarrel grenade launcher

Overall, short laser tag Underbarrel grenade launchers are useful attachments for rifles like the AK and M-series, allowing laser tag players to hit a group of enemies with an area damage tool.

Underbarrel grenade launchers come standard on some of our laser taggers, such as the M16-M203 "SWAT" Original Series and the "AK CASCADE" Steel series.

These underbarrel grenade launchers on laser tag weapons have their own set of settings, including:

  • Grenade damage, which is usually set much higher than the damage of the player's primary weapon.
  • Number of grenades a player has (i.e., number of grenade launcher reloads).
  • Duration of the kickback effect (the amount of time the player unable to fire their primary weapon after firing the grenade launcher, simulating the shock of the grenade launcher’s recoil).

Having players with underbarrel grenade launchers will be very useful in large games, including armored vehicles equipped with our Dome system. Note that the sound of the grenade launcher firing is instanteneous, and the grenade launcher's optical system emits an infrared beam after 2 seconds, simulating the grenade’s flight time.

A laser tag grenade launcher KIT for mounting on AK or AR-platform based weapons includes:

  • grenade launcher body made from airsoft gun;
  • lens tube;
  • IR module;
  • microswitch;
  • mounting wires.


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