AKS-74U «Raven» practical series

tagger AK 74 laser tag gun
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Price / kg:
Electronics Generation
Optical system
5.5 lb (2.5kg)
LENGTH (folded /extended buttstock)
34 in (86 cm) / 24.5 in (62 cm)
650 ft (200 m)
Up to 30 hours.
Li+ (3 Ah; 7.4V)
Li+ (8.4V; 1000 mA) (additional option)


This model is different from the other two versions of the AKS-74U laser tag guns (Falcon and Hawk). It looks neither like the classic Falcon nor the super tactical Hawk.
The AKS-74U tagger is also built based on the CYMA airsoft gun and has retained all its advantages, such as a durable all-metal body and a cherry-colored grooved handguard made of military-grade damage-resistant plastic.

Like all AKS-74U’s, this tagger features a lightweight skeleton stock that folds to the left and, depending on the stock position (folded or unfolded), the tagger has a length of either 24.5 inches (62 centimeters) or 34 inches (86 centimeters).

ak 74 laser tagger with charging handle

The weight of the laser tag gun is similar to the Falcon, that is, 5.5 pounds (approximately 2.5 kilograms). Therefore, both size and weight allow tagger to be used by both adults and children from about 10 years old.

We all know how casual players and kids in particular tend to disregard caring attitude when it comes to rental equipment, so we fixed the charging handle, reducing the number of moving parts to a minimum, and moved the reload mechanism to the button. Activation is performed by the lock located on the magazine, which is switched on with a special admin key, the tagger charging socket is also located on the magazine.

AKS 74U laser tagger front side

As a source of power for this model, we used a 3000 mAh battery, enough for the playset to run up to 36 hours without further charge. The battery charge will last less if you use options that consume more electricity, such as transmitting current online statistics through a Wi-Fi network or constantly using weapon feedback to indicate all in-game events.

The range of fire of the AKS-74U laser tag gun depends on the type of optics that can be selected when ordering equipment. When using the Parallax optics, the range will be up to 1000 feet (300 meters), and when using the Prism, the range will be up to 820 feet (approximately 250 meters), but sure shot distance will be about 600 feet, which is enough for most laser battles. If you buy the tagger to use it in the rental business, we recommend using a Prism featuring a wider beam, which makes aiming and shooting less difficult for beginner players than when using parallax optics.



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