AlphaTag vest (webbing style)

Alphatag Laser tag vest
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Price / kg:
Alphatag Laser tag vest
Alphatag Laser tag vest
2 lb (0.9 kg)
Up to 36 hours.
Li+ (10 Ah; 3.7V)
Li+ charger, Firefly charger (additional option)


Alpha Tag vest can be a master device and can establish a connection with 7 devices (several guns, personal medkit, shock bracelet, mobile phone, and so on). Guns and additional devices can be connected to the vest within a few seconds using our smart NFC technology. Just bring the gun close to the vest and it will link automatically.

Sensor devices can also be linked with each other. The player can use 2 devices simultaneously, for example, they can use a headband + vest, a vest, and helmet cover, or helmet and a vest.

We produce several types of laser tag vests in the Alphatag version, which are used for various purposes. This laser tag vest is used if user needs the most open vest with the maximum possibility of attaching their combat wishes and dreams to it, which can include walkie-talkies, pouches to carry discoverable/portable things necessary during the game scenario, such as a personal medic kit or artifacts set, laser tag grenade pouches or laser tag knife scabbards, flask or hydration pack mount, pistol holsters or stuff that is much-needed in long game scenarios like flashlights and red-dot sight spare batteries.

This Alphatag vest consists of the outer part, which has two straps in front with two hit sensor units on each and a platform on the back with 4 hit sensor units. The lower part of the vest is a belt retrofitted with a MOLLE interface. Thus, the vest has 8 units with hit sensors, while each unit has its own IR receiver with a 140-degree-angle signal receiver, so the combined set of sensors can receive a signal from all sides and does not have blind spots. As in other laser tag vests of our making, each hit sensor unit has its own built-in vibration motor, which only works if this particular block registers a hit. Thanks to the new low-profile sensors, vibration can be felt better and the player will understand from which side they were shot.

As on the rest of our laser tag vests, the main control unit is located here on the front on the left side, which ensures that the player’s laser tag gun is comfortably held in the right hand and does not interfere when shooting. Like Alphatag headbands, this vest has an OLED display on the control unit that manages the devices attachment (to weapons, shock bracelet, medic, etc.), showing the battery level, Wi-Fi signal level, firmware version, etc.

The vest has a built-in 10 amp-hour battery that allows you to play up to 36 hours without further charging it.

The inner, detachable part consists of Air Mesh fabric, which absorbs moisture and allows the player's skin to breathe. This layer can be replaced and washed.

This vest can be charged only with Firefly or Li + devices. Charging with other devices will damage the battery! Complete charge takes 12 hours.


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