AlphaTag vest (webbing style)

Alphatag Laser tag vest
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Price / kg:
Alphatag Laser tag vest
Alphatag Laser tag vest
2 lb (0.9 kg)
Up to 36 hours.
Li+ (10 Ah; 3.7V)
Li+ charger, Firefly charger (additional option)

Alpha Tag laser tag vest is a military load-bearing vest equipped with hit sensors and a control unit. The control unit is located on the chest of the vest and does not hamper the player’s movements. It has 8 sensors on the front, back, and solders. The vest is equipped with lumbar support and a MOLLE system for mounting additional pouches. As a headband, this vest also has an inner Air Mesh lining. Its weight is only 2 lb incluing a powerful 10 Ah battery for 36 hours playing without recharging.

Alpha Tag vest can be a master device and can establish a connection with 7 devices (guns, personal medkit, mobile phone, and so on). Guns and additional devices can be connected to the vest in a few seconds using our smart NFC technology. Just bring the gun close to the vest and it will link automatically.
Sensor devices can be also linked with each other. The player can use 2 devices simultaneously, for example, he can use a headband + vest, a vest, and helmet, or helmet and a vest.

All vests are equipped with 1-inch OLED control units. This OLED screen displays the information necessary for each player: communication with other devices, player's status, charge level, firmware updates, and so on.

All sensors have a True Color light indication and an IR photosensor with 140 degrees sensitivity angle. Each sensor of the "Alphatag" vest is equipped with a separate vibration motor. Only the sensors that have received the IR pulse will vibrate after being hit.  Thanks to the new low-profile sensors, vibration is felt better and the player will understand from which side he is under the fire.

This vest can be charged only with Firefly or Li + devices. Charging with other devices will damage the battery! Full charging takes 12 hours.


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