Deathmatch + Domination Scenario

This scenario is a hybrid . between Deathmatch and Domination laser tag scenarios, hence the name.  In other words, it’s a domination without respawn devices.

Devices needed

1 or more (odd number) devices that can act as a domination point

You can use several devices that can act as a Domination Point, these are Digital Flag Devise. Smart Control point and regular Domination point, but we recommend Digital Flag because it has more additional scenarios.

The location and number of teams

Just as in the Deathmatch scenario, this scenario is played without revival. It can be played by  2 to 4 teams. In most cases, it is played between 2 teams for the same reasons as given for the Deathmatch scenario.

Similarly, as in the Domination scenario, in this scenario, the Domination point device  is placed in the middle of the location.

Teams start from opposite sides of the location. The goal of each team is to capture and hold the Domination point till the end of the game.


The winner is the team that holds the Domination point at the end of the allotted time, which is usually 10 minutes. Domination point lights with the color of the team that holds it.

If the team has destroyed all the players of the opposite team, but the point still remains the color of the opposite team (i.e., the point was not repainted), then it loses.

If none of the teams have managed to capture the point, then the game ends in a tie, regardless of how many active players are left in both teams.

This scenario is very interesting because it allows you to play a number of different tactics. For example, if your team has players who can run very fast, you can first try to capture a Domination point by one or two assaulters, and then put snipers there so that the other team can’ttake it. Or vice versa, you can first locate your team players to repel the first attack off the opposite team to the Domination point, and then try to capture it. You can just flank the opposite team, eliminate their players and only then capture the Domination point. So, you have a lot of tactics options in this scenario.

Devices used in this scenario: 

Digital flag 
Smart control point 
Simple Checkpoint