7. What router should I use for X-gen and Alphatag?

You can use any router that can establish 2.4 GHz wifi network.
We recommend our own routers

Regular router -- up to 14 players
Up to 40 feet (about 12 meters) radius in ideal conditions
Pro Router -- 15-40 players
In ideal conditions, up to 50 feet (about 15 meters) radius in ideal conditions
Elite -- 40+ players
Up to 65 feet (about 20 meters) radius in ideal conditions

It is necessary to take into account that besides playsets (headband + tagger) in the network, there will always be a PC collecting statistics, as well as Digital Flags, Bombs and other Wi-Fi-hungry equipment.
So we recommend to use the Pro if there are more than 12 devices, e.g. 12 taggers and 1-2 flags.
The work will be more stable, there will be less problems.
The radius and coverage area will depend on the specific conditions of the Wi-Fi connection between the router and the Wi-Fi modules in the headbands or weapons. These include:
- the location and material of the walls
- the location and material of the walls
- the presence, intensity of signal, and number of other Wi-Fi networks.
- the tilt of the router antennas
We always recommend the Pro or the Elite ones unless you plan to use the equipment in your home or backyard.
It is recommended that all routers be placed at a height of 2 to 3 meters to ensure signal penetration over arena obstacles.



- A simple router for 12 game sets
- Pro router for more than 12 game sets.
- Elite router for more than 50 game sets 

You can use your own router or ask what models are used by our laser tag business owners and operators

Your router doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.
You can even use a hot spot from your mobile phone to set up your guns, but it will have a too low data-flow rate to run games.

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