1. Basic laser tag package?

Each player needs a gun and a hit sensor.

 We have ready laser tag sets for commercial use but all these packages are just examples. You can make your own package with any laser tag gun or any mix of guns.  

Different hit sensors.

We have many hit sensor devices but the most popular are a headband and a vest.  We have different types of vests (classic vest, load-bearing vest, tactical vest) and different types of head hit sensors (headbands, helmet covers, different helmets). All these hit sensor devices we have in different colors. Some operators prefer using headbands because they are less expensive and have an inner washable layer, some prefer vests because think they are more tactical.


We have different types of guns, but we recommend using guns from or unique section for rental games. These guns are desiged for buisnes. 

  • They are made from special durable plastics (see Phoenix and Predator crash tests).
  • They have less moving and protruding parts that can be broken or can injure the opposite player.
  • Most of them have rubber bumpers as an option for playing in small arenas.
  • They were designed for installing OLED and feedback options.
  • They have special acoustic holes for a loud sound. 
  • They are less expensive because we produce cases ourselves.
  • We always have good specials for these guns, for example, 10+2 special.

Additional devices

If you have just guns and headbands you can play

If you add any additional devices you can diversify scenarios.

Adding one control point device, you can play 2 new interesting scenarios.

Adding just two respawn devices gives you the ability to play

Adding one more domination point device gives you the ability to play

Adding Explosive Device Simulator or Laser tag Bomb,

  • Counterstrike scenarios.

Adding Smart Battle Base you can play

  • Convoy scenarios

Adding Hostage headband or Hostage vest you can add

  • hostage or VIP Convoy scenarios.

So the more devices you have, the more scenarios you can play


We usually recommend buying

- 12 guns + headbands

- 1 or 2 smart control point devices depending on equipment generation

(Domination point, Smart control point, Timepoint,  Command Post, Universal Point, Battle base for 9th generation and Digital Flag for 10th and Alphatag generation)

- 2 Respawn devices (Medkits, Smart medkits, Battle bases)

- 1 Manager device for making settings on the field (Smart remote pro)

- 1 Battle base because it has a lot of built-in functions.

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