5. What do laser tag gun series mean?


Special series taggers are made from casings that we make at our factory

These taggers are the most durable ones made for rent business.

You can watch our crash tests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNAajUUxoJ4

Original series taggers are made from airsoft cases. All guns look like copies of real combat guns, but they are not durable as the Special series. We recommend these guns only for personal use or they should be used by veteran players with care.  

Elite series taggers are made from the most expensive airsoft cases (in most cases such taggers are made from gas airsoft models ).

These guns are not as durable as special series but can be recommended to rental business. But they should be used carefully.

Steel series taggers are made from real deactivated guns  (in most cases AK-series assault rifles and AK-series machine guns ). But these guns can't be shipped to the US because some gun parts are banned by US customs.

Practical series taggers are whar we recommend for renting  (the most durable taggers)

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