4. What laser tag options do I need?

Feedback is a vibration inside the gun. We recommend adding it to all guns because it adds new fillings. Usually, we locate it in the buttstock or gun pistol grip. 

We have 3 types of feedback 
- Classic Feedback made with Vibro motor inside the gun (can be installed in all guns, except very small pistols). 
Power impulse feedback made with a magnet inside the gun (can be installed only in some guns from a unique section
 Original Impulse Blowback system can be installed only into some guns made from airsoft cases 

OLED is a display that shows the player’s settings, status, and scenario info. We recommend it to all laser tag guns from the unique section. We strongly recommend it for X-gen and Alphatag especially if you are buying guns for an indoor arena. 

Bumpers are rubber front covers that can be added to some guns Predators, Phoenixes. They are used for safety reasons and change the look of the gun from military to a more sci-fi one. We recommend adding a bumpers option if you are using these taggers for kids or these guns are used in a small arena. These bumpers cover gun protruding parts and reduce the probability of injuring in case of collision.

Coloring can be made with water transfer printing, also known as immersion printing or hydrographics. It is available for all types of guns. 

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