3. Using laser tag vests vs headbands

Most operators prefer using headbands because they are less expensive. For example headbands in RGB generation cost 138, vests start from 230.

Headbands consist of two layers that are connected with velcro. The inner layer is washable. An operator can buy additional inner layers (hygienic cuffs) for replacement or use any additional wear like sweatbands or bandanas.

Some operators still prefer to buy laser tag vests for use in indoor arenas especially during the pandemic time because they think that using a body vest is more hygienic than using headband.  

Vests are usually considered to be more tactical equipment. However, using only vests often leads to foul play and player disputes. For example, the player can try to hide the body behind some cover and shoot over this cover. In this case, he will be able to shoot but cannot be hit. The use of headbands eliminates such cases.

We usually recommend using headbands for renting mobile laser tag or using laser tag headbands + vests if you are planning military tactical games.  

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