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Laser Tag Medium Business SetLaser Tag Medium Business Set
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Medium business laser tag set can be offered to those who have already engaged in the laser tag business, game managing and equipment rental, who has an existing client base, understand the specifics of the business and want to diversify gaming scenarios or renew their laser tag equipment. It includes more items than Small Business Laser tag package, and has some additional devices such as Remote control Pro device and some accessories such as Tactical foregrip and red dot sights. As well as Small Business Laser tag package this set is one of the most popular for starting Laser Tag Business. Unlike other sets here, we already have two different types of laser tag guns and most additional game devices. The gifts for this set are new devices, which can further diversify your game scenarios.

Please note that all our sets are just examples, so you can make your own laser tag set or add/delete items and options in this one.
This price is for 9th generation Guns and headbands, if you need 10th (X-gen) generation or Alphatag, please add these options and replace Control Points with Digital Flags


AK-12LT "Predator" (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items) or Explosive Device Simulator (1 item)


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