Cold war confrontation - Laser tag set

Cold war confrontation laser tag business set Cold war confrontation laser tag business set
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Confrontation tactical Laser tag set consists of two opponents post-Soviet AK25-LT Predator+ and US AR15-LT Ranger or you can use them as terrorists and counter-terrorists as in Counter-Strike PC game. Both guns have bolt reloading and both can be equipped with parallax optics. This set includes Laser tag bomb for bomb defusal scenario, and you can add hostage vest for hostage rescue game. Two Smart Battle Bases included into the set can be used as respawn devices, bombs or nuclear cases for convoy scenarios. Digital Flag can be installed in the center of location for Сapture control point or Сapture the flag, or in some guarded place for assault scenario. RGB target can be used for aiming and adjusting red-dot sights included into the set. This tactical laser tag set also includes all needed manager and charging devices and is perfect if you want to start tactical laser tag business.

Please note that all our laser tag sets are just examples, so you can make your own set or add/delete items and options into one.
This price is for 9th generation Guns and headbands, if you need X-gen or Alphatag live scoring generations, please choose one of these options and replace «Crater» bomb with Enigma or Perimeter nuclear briefcases.


AR15-LT «Ranger» Pro (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items) or
AK15-LT «Warrior» Pro (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items) or
AK25-LT Predator+ (1 item) + AR15-LT «Ranger» Pro (1 item) + Smart RGB headband (2 items)


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