Counter Strike laser tag bundle

Counter Strike laser tag setCounter Strike laser tag game
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Electronics Generation

This laser tag bundle is made for clients, who want to play a Counter-Strike brought into a real-life laser tag game. It has two types of guns, AK’s for terrorists and M4’s for counter-terrorists and two types of bombs. A simple bomb can be armed and disarmed by pressing the button and confirmation by the shot. A more complicated bomb has a security code that should be entered for deactivation. Players should find the password by guessing it under the fire, or it can be found somewhere else for example under a captured control point or a Digital Flag. Hostage vest is used for Hostage and VIP Assassination scenarios from the classic Counter-Strike game. This commercial laser tag bundle is just a set of devices that can help the operator design any scenarios and give full scope to the imagination.
This price is for 9th generation Guns and headbands, if you need 10th (X-gen) generation or Alphatag, please add these options and replace Explosive Device Simulator with Enigma or Perimeter nuclear briefcases.


AK-25LT "Predator+" (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items)


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