Military laser tag bundle

Military laser tag equipment setMilitary laser tag equipment set
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Electronics Generation

This military laser tag business equipment bundle consists of USSR guns for one team and NATO guns for another. Equipment bundle includes 5 assault rifles and one sniper rifle for each team. This laser tag business bundle is just an example, so you can add more different assault rifles, machine guns, and even grenades and anti-personnel mines. It all depends on your business idea and available locations.
This price is for 9th generation Guns and headbands, if you need 10th (X-gen) generation or Alphatag, please add these options and replace Explosive Device Simulator with Enigma or Perimeter nuclear briefcases.


AK-12LT "Predator" (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items) or Explosive Device Simulator (1 item)


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